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Collaboration with Flurin Bisig
2016 / 3 panels of wood covered with Harald 2 by Kvadrat Raf Simons 722, 2 metal legs, inox hinges,
aluminium plates / 180 x 360 x 100cm.

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« I was thinking about abstraction and representation as two simultaneous possibilities in photography.
What it means for a photograph to have a subject? »
Zoé Léonard, Parkett #84, 2009.

We face an army — but an inoffensive one, helpless and heavy, ice cream coloured.
The pale blue velvet whitens while exposed at the daylight — Nothing else will happen.
«There is no other place, no one else to face.»
The icy baby blue colour acts on you like a sharp cold blade.

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Correspondance L/F - 2016
14 pages, A5.

This booklet introduces the first two pieces of a sculptures series created together.

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