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Collaboration with Flurin Bisig
2015 / 5 panels of wood covered with king blue velvet, 2 metal legs, inox hinges,
aluminium plates / 180 x 350 x 100 cm.
Courtesy of Mattias Verschueren, Ghent, BE.

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« I was thinking about abstraction and representation as two simultaneous possibilities in photography.
What it means for a photograph to have a subject? »
Zoé Léonard, Parkett #84, 2009.

« Not choosing between sides (the public/the private/the intimate, the inside/the outside, front/back) but preferring to assume them all, « Le Paravent » probably neither shows something or hides anything but accomplishes both ; what it stages is nothing but itself, a screen, face-less, free to take on all but one. »
Selen Ansen, «The Spider and the Wall», in It takes two to make an accident, HISK, 2015.

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Correspondance L/F - 2016
14 pages, A5.

This booklet introduces the first two pieces of a sculptures series created together.

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