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Robert - 2012
12 pages, printed on newspaper
10 copies, 28 x 38 cm
Graphic Design : Charlotte Collin.

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Robert is a text and image story composed of fragments of letters arranged all together of a french family separated by the war between 1944 and 1954. The characters - father, mother and grandmother - center around Robert ; their child, angry, bad tempered beset with obsessive compulsions and ashamed of himself. Robert tells us something about the fragility and brutality of childhood.

I first have to make you a detailed confession of all my misdemeanours. The other day, while wrinkling a bit the page of « Encyclopedia with images » I got angry – you know my obsession to iron books – Mummy didn’t want to let me borrow her iron, I threatened mummy with a log, I insulted her bitch, I spitted into the crucifix like a possessed one, I tapped my foot down ; I sweared that I will find it, I went hunting for it and I found it. I feel that I am turning mad.

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