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NO BLOOD IN MY BODY - 28 minutes
2010 / DVcam / N&B / 4/3
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Claudia is American, she lives with Thomas.
Thomas takes the train, goes to his work, hangs around in a wasteland.
Thomas tells Claudia that he takes care of her much better than her American family, that she is beautiful, that she saved him.
One day, Claudia overdosed and sank into unconsciousness.
Thomas helpless and angry, knows that she's driving herself away from him.

« I felt very confuse for the next 30 minutes.
I managed to join Claudia,
we managed to go back to Bièvres.
She took 2,6 ml of GBL,
Then stopped breathing.
I managed to make her breathe again,
Prepared and had a shot.
My love was unconscious,
I thought she could die.

- Will it kill us ?
- No, it won't kill us, Claudia. »

Les Écrans Documentaires, Winner of the short film prize, Arceuil, FR.

Festival's selections
Les Écrans Documentaires, short film selection, Arceuil, FR.
Festival International du film d'Amiens, medium lenght film selection, Amiens, FR.
Festival Filmer à tout prix, program «Adolescence, metamorphosis of bodies», Bruxelles, BE.
RIDM, Rencontre internationale du documentaire de Montréal, official selection short film, Montréal, CA.
22e FIDMarseille, Parallel Screen « Suffering and cruelty », FR.
Festival côté court de Pantin, Parallel selection « Panorama », Paris, FR.
Festival EMAF, European Media Art Festival, official selection, « Daysleepers », Osnabrueck, DE.
Festival international de vidéo Eattopia, French Institute of Taipei, group show,«Point of view», Taiwan, CHN.

Mediterranea 18 Biennale, BJCEM 2017, « There's No Place Like / Home as corrupted memory », curator Valentina Lacinio, Tirana/Durrës, AL.
ISELP, Autour du film d'artiste, screening, Bruxelles, BE.
Art Film Festival, screening out of competition, selection of the jury, Cannes, FR.
Les Ateliers VORTEX et l’ENSA Dijon, screening and artist talk, Dijon, FR.
Ghost Dance, Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, screening, Aubervilliers, FR.
Guerrier au repos, Galerie Treize, group show, curator Clarisse Hahn, Paris, FR.
CitySCREEN'12, Off Loop projection, Barcelone, ES.
CENTQUATRE, "L'envers et l'endroit ", group show, curator Henri Foucault, Paris, FR.
Ongoing Screening, a generation of filmaker 1998-2011, musée du Jeu de Paume Paris, FR.
Ciné-Fémis, curators Joséphine Moularque et Elodie Tamayo, Paris 18e, FR.