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The dream - 11 minutes / The doctor - 12 minutes
2006-2007 / A two parts documentary / DVcam / B&W / 4/3 and 16/9

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The dream and The doctor are two parts of a documentary movie about Joséphine.

I’m following her movements in the house, filming the way she washes her arm in a sink,
the way she takes her blood pressure on the coffee table, I record the beginning of an Italian nursery rhyme.
Though the situations pictured are commonplace, a certain strangeness appear, because of the specific relationship between me, as a filmmaker and my model, because of the way my model acts for me, and because of my presence, waiting for something to happen.

Josephine is making an inventory of her laces.
« Have you photographed it ?»
Josephine is getting dressed.
«Do you like that ?»
She’s undressing herself ;
Josephine is dipping her ankles into the water ;
«I dreamt him, he came to say goodbye to me » ;
a dog barks.

( extract of Joséphine’s voice)

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