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Nowhere(inside) - 2013
17'44, loop
Room installation, black molton, two screens of water, four loudspeakers.
Wood, fans, humidifiers, tubes. Size of the screens : 72 cm (L) 138 cm (H).

Exhibition views, raumLABOR, Braunschweig, DEU.

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Nowhere(inside) is an installation composed of video surveillance footage projected on two screens made of water. The video images appear as a light sculpture and float like an apparition into the space. The sound is a montage of different fragments of female voices from suspens movies.

While watching the video surveillance screens at my local swimming pool complex, I was amazed by the material quality of these images, by the beauty of these night landscapes, by the strangeness of the frame's composition. Last summer, I heard from the sport club manager that some people had broken into the pool overnight. The monitoring system sounded the alarm, but nothing was found on the videotapes.

The narrator of my story is female. While playing with the video monitors, she stands between the sofa and the kitchen table, the bus stop and the pavement, the neighbour's garden and her own, and she frightens herself, searching for her imaginary killer. This idea of the killer as a mental projection of the woman character defines the shape of the installation itself. Nowhere(inside) teeter in between presence and absence, fantasy and reality. It taps into the most primal fears of the spectator, those where blind, into the darkness, he has no other choice, but to listen.

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2013 - DER GEIST IM VAKUUM, group show, curator Hubertus von Amelunxen, Braunschweig, DE.