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Timothy - 9 minutes
2014 - HD - 4/3 - Loop
Extract 1'44
Exhibition view, HISK open studios, Ghent, BEL.

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The swimmer has just finished his dailies hours of training. He pulls himself out of the water and sits at the edge of the pool. Timothy breathes heavily, his abdomen flexes and deflates in rhythm. Little by little, his muscles get loose, his heart gets quiet, Timothy falls nearly asleep. These nine minutes of film are shown in a loop. They endlessly replay the climax and afterglow of an act of love.

" At 5:30 when nothing could bring you down, at that point the music is always good, there's plenty of room on the dance floor, and only the serious discoers are left. But best of all your body has quit resisting. It has unstoppable momentum. That is the one thing about disco comparable to any other experience. (...) You pass a point where you're beyond tired, beyond pain, beyond even thinking about stopping, thinking only that this could go on forever and you'd love it. It's pure ecstasy."

Douglas Crimp, DISSS-CO (A FRAGMENT) from Before Pictures, a Memoir of 1970s New York.


2015 - Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Program, CCI Fabrika, E.K.ArtBureau,"And it Doesn't Matter if the phone Rings", curator Oleg Matrokhin, Moscou, RU.
2015 - Les Ateliers VORTEX et l'ENSA Dijon, screening and artist talk, Dijon, FR.
2014 - HISK Open Studio, Ghent, BE.