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"1989"- 2013-present
Photographs, film, sculpture / color and B&W / Various sizes

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1989 develops itself as a corpus of several photographs, one video and one sculpture. It is a physical work, about desire, about portrait, about a body present, here and now. The film and photographs linger over the attitudes of men and women. How to sit? How to stand or to lay? What defines my identity as a man or as a woman?

As a human being, as a body, we are incapable of seeing ourselves completely; of looking at our backside, at the nape of our neck… We perceive ourselves through someone else’s look. The other, on the contrary, only has to look around when we pass by to have a good overview of our body. When I photograph and film the faces and bodies of my models, I am standing in the sharp awareness of the missing part of me. As, I am in pursuit of an impossible alterity, of a fusion, of a desire, that will never ever be satisfied. In his lecture, "Le corps Utopique", Michel Foucault defines this unseizable body as a powerful reservoir of utopias.

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