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Eclipse - 2012
42 colour and B&W pictures / digital print/ various format.

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To eclipse, is to drive something momentarily invisible. This word contains in its meaning the intermittence and the discontinuity, the appearance and the disappearance.
To slip out of is to create a bowing or a failure in the continuum of time ;
this is also the found freedom again to appear by intermittence, to disappear and to be absent.

« In the middle of a storm, Lidia, soaked, is driven by a man inside a car.
She turns her face towards him, ready to kiss, but at the last moment she breaks away.
Back in the big house, all the electric lights are off, the party is over.
Lidia finds Jean again, exhausted from this night, spent endlessly fleeing and searching for each other.
She takes back her pullover draped over a chair. Outside, it is day. »

(Extract of the introduction of the book Eclipse)

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